I'm chana

as long as you love me

that  feeling  we share with this special person with whom sharing  our lives  is not enough this person whom we smiles at every time we see  and our heart beat faster than usually and hhh having butterflies in our stomach every time we talk this person that’s as long as we are with each other and trusting  in each other does worth the word and more that person whom we turn to  when we’re sad  or hopeless this perfect other half that don’t existe only in our mindes  ……..so now i’m just asking my self if it really does worth it

every day is a chalenge for us

at the end of every daywe can escape our problemes by laying on our beds and thinking tomorow will  better and we  wake up the next day hoping that our dreams come true this is how i’m living eachand every day of mylife i’m 15 and i don’t espect from the people to change but i have faith in god and my self and i’m pretty sure that someday i’ll be living that perfect life :) but from now on i’d like to share with you every momonet of my life

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