I'm chana


every day i wake up too reach the goal i was looking to do  last day and i know that even if  my dreams are bigger than my fears and my actions louder than my words  i will always face those struggles in the road but you know what nothing and no one will break me down cuz i know someday i will look back and say all sacrifices that i’ve done worth it cuz nothing can stande againste my happiness and once i do it i know that every body will be proud and as a girl i advice you to keep believing ……  and never say never

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by Me

for that one

for that special one who always makes my heart beating faster than ever for that loving one with who i feel in top of the world for that guy who make my life sweeter   i hope one day you’ll know how big is my love cuz nothing can be compared with and i don’t know how you did it but you took a huge place in my heart a lot more than i could’ve ever  give to any one else you’r a lot more special than you probably think  and what i have said is not enough cuz words can’t describe how i feel about you   !!


you are all i need

you don’t  have to be a star to shine in my heart you don’t have to be a actor to represent in my play you don’t have to be a super hero to save me from drowning  you don’t have to be a singer to tell me what i want to hear all you have to do is to be your self  cuz you are already the light that feeds the sun in my world you are already my every thing  and without you i’m like nobody you complete me dude

my thoughts for the day guys

i’ve promise  that i will always be there standing by your side even when the life gets harder  even when all of  your relatives will be against you cuz i know that as long as we are with each other all  Misfortunes in the world wouldn’t be enough to break us down and i know that’s love is not enough to build us a roof where we can live under it or make us food to eat or gives us money to  live quit   well but i’m sure that having all of these things without sharing any magical feeling is gonna make us sad maybe gives a roof but not a warme little home where we can share all the love in the world maybe coulde give us food but not that love taste  and as i say love is all we need to start a life  fool  of beautiful events   <3 <3

catching feelings for ya

i’m drowning in that deep ocean of all those feelings for you kept inside my heart  those feeling growing everytime we breath the same air this  heart  waiting for that moment when your heart will share it the same feelings that moment when i will be amased of having such a lover like you ……. and that beautifull smile uhhhhhhh made me fell for you since the first time i saw  you  and i just want to say that all my love is yours but you know what , when i want to take them back it wouldn’t be easy for me to do it but you’ll never know how much it painful to live without you

                                                                                                                                                                                   i   love  ya

to the moon and back maybe more ;)

meaning of love

what is the real meaning of love obviously love is just a word  until someone gives  it a meaning and there is nothing better than a true love reciprocal  between two loving birds and those beautifull feelings  always make it spacial and magical  and having your soul mate always by your side seeing you like the only human been in this word surlly make us happy and our relasion ship stronger and ready to live with each other the rest of our lives having our love growing every day

my life

breaking me down is not enough for me to give  up of my dreams it’s not enough to lose faith in my self because i learnt that to reach our dreams we have to believe and never say never  i learnt that even when i work hard  peoples  will always  find somthing wrong about me that’s why i’m always saying that it’s my life my choices my mistakes not peoples  problem

our love <3

as long as our love is strong  we can face all the struggles in the world  as long as our love is real  no matter what the others say we will always be together we will always have faith in each other even the  how far is the distance can’t  separate us if our love is strong enough only death can separate us if our love is true it will be enough to be with each other and live happy until the end of  time

what i had been through

it’s been a long time since i didn’t write for you guys i was just a little busy but now i can stay to write you about what happend with me those last days have been so rough . my cousin was here and i had to take care of him his is to young and i love him like a lot and i »ve been a little ill cuz i couldn’t eat much but i’m trying to eat like as much as i can just to take some weight and yesturday we had to visit our grand parents and we’ve meet there my cousins that i haven »t seen for 6 months because of my studies and that i missed so so so much   and the best part that the whole  familly has planed to go to the beach with each other  so i think it will be awsome to go there with the persones that i love and care about only one person will be missing

i hope that it wasn’t boaring to read my articale

be your self


no matter how hard you are trying to inpress them they’ll always find that little default so just be your self <3


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