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believe .create .love. be. dream

i see that being happy is a choise it’s something we make by our selves and here some advices from me my dear friend  do not  wait from anybody to make you happy all you have to do is to be with people who really loves you because they will  never make you sad or let you down you have to feel like the world is all yours and nothing can stand in the way of your happiness  you have to believe and dream as big as your fears are  you have to be who you want to be not what others want to see  you have to see the difrance between what is good and what is bad for you you have to create that girl or boy that you want to see in anybody else  you have to love  your friends your family your life and specially your self  and it’s okey sometimes to feel that’s you are not okey as long as you are not giving up but mostly think that you only live once and you will always have the time you will have all the time to catch up what missed you

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