I'm chana

every day is a chalenge for us

at the end of every daywe can escape our problemes by laying on our beds and thinking tomorow will  better and we  wake up the next day hoping that our dreams come true this is how i’m living eachand every day of mylife i’m 15 and i don’t espect from the people to change but i have faith in god and my self and i’m pretty sure that someday i’ll be living that perfect life :) but from now on i’d like to share with you every momonet of my life

girls ….. <3

A GIRL ….. dramatic, fantastic ,beautiful, sensitive, mysterious ,lovely , elegante …. and all other things a girl is a treasure to every one who has got one a daughter ,a mother ,a grande mother, an ante ,a friend ,a girl friend or even a sister us Girls can bring happiness and coziness to a cold heart, to an empty house we can change the word by smiling , talking and even by dating we’re the precious thing that the world has so if you’ve got a girl make her happy don’t ever let her down make sure she feels safe with u and she’ll reward you more then you could ever imagine

never give up

a crazy world where each one of us wake up to face poeple  who want to break him down . Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed  in that case the best thing to do is never  give up cuz out there, there are people who are waiting to see you cry and fail down ,whom you’re tears and sadness make them day and yeah you have to smile no matter how hard your day was ,no matter how much  u wanna hide away and never face the world again you have to be strong and strength is something we choose  even if you have to pretande that you’re stronge never show your weakness to them it will be the way to your succes and joy ……………. ^_^téléchargement

crazy thought

it’s funny how  life can be so beautiful and unfaire it’s funny how the people that we know can became strangers  and  how can a person love another without wanting anything else in parts   it’s funny how we can face struggles by our selfes and how we can fake a smile  even in our rough  days this is what we call surviving

thank you <3

thank you godgor giving me a house a familly  everything that’s i’m asking for thank you for being there when no one elses did thank you for giving me health and a money and all the love that i needed thant you god for everything i wont be ableto thank you enough but  thank you <3 <3

i was wrong !

i have been through a lot of  things those days but  where have you been when i needed someone to rescue me frome all those monsters when i needed someone  to hold me and to tell me don’t worry it’s alright i’m here now when i needed someone to wipe my teers when i was dealing with all the struggles by my self when someone eles saved me  i thought that’s you’ll be the one that i can count on when i’m drowning when i have no one else  to run to when i’ll be facing that cruel world for the first time i thourght that it will be you but i was wrong i was wrong when i  believed in you  ……………:(

live in peace

i’ve learned that we can bury freedom but we can’t kill it  some people die for it others keel to have it  peace what is peace peace is a word that not every child or woman or man knows  it’s time for the world to stand hand in hand and fight for safty for those misarbale kids whom doesn’t know safty or can’t sleep under a roof because of the war  all we can say is stop violence stop the war let us  live in peace with each other


smile to your life and your life will smile to you love others and theothers will love you work hard and you will be reward and be sure that you will never get some thing only if  you give somthing back . and just don’t wait for the others to do the first step do it so you don »t feel sorry after and be sure that life is like river you can’t tuch the same water twice cuz when a flow passes it will never get back again so enjoy life

believe .create .love. be. dream

i see that being happy is a choise it’s something we make by our selves and here some advices from me my dear friend  do not  wait from anybody to make you happy all you have to do is to be with people who really loves you because they will  never make you sad or let you down you have to feel like the world is all yours and nothing can stand in the way of your happiness  you have to believe and dream as big as your fears are  you have to be who you want to be not what others want to see  you have to see the difrance between what is good and what is bad for you you have to create that girl or boy that you want to see in anybody else  you have to love  your friends your family your life and specially your self  and it’s okey sometimes to feel that’s you are not okey as long as you are not giving up but mostly think that you only live once and you will always have the time you will have all the time to catch up what missed you

i’m proude of my self

the truth of every one of us is in deep inside  our heart  and only the special ones are the ones who can show it to every body and make them accepte them for who they are  . but for some of us it’s better  to pretend to be who they are not  and for all good ones who are hiding behind   fake personalities i advice you show to every body that you are proude of what you really are cuz  you are a  rare pearl  and saying i’m not ashamed of who i am  because  having confident in our selves  is a quality that not every body have

sometimes we have to face it

tomorrow has to be better for every one of us ,because we’ve learned from yesterday and i know it’s not easy for each one to move on
especially when it’s concerning somthing that you really care about, but when we think about how our future would be once we did fallow our heart because sometimes our heart is full of emotions that we can’t see the difrense between what’s wrong and right for us, it’s really hard to talk about it or to face it . it’s like when we know that the persone we’re with don’t fit us but despite of that our heart can’t live without her’s that’s when we should listen to our logic it’s really hard but when we passe it for the first time i’m sure that it will be easy believe it does worth it to try!!


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